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Top 5 reasons to purchase SIM50


SIM50 for Sage CRM and Sage 50 Accounts is an integration module that sits in the background between your accounts software and CRM solution and enables data to be transferred in real time across the platforms.

Integration between your accounting software and CRM solution supports your business by increasing the flow of information across your business units and increasing your overall customer management capabilities.

Top 5 Reasons to purchase SIM50

Top 5 reasons to purchase SIM50

  1. Reduce data duplication
  2. Increase data accuracy
  3. Open up real time access to key accounts data through Sage CRM
  4. View Real time stock levels and manage customer expectations
  5. Maximise your ROI from Sage 50 Accounts

Reduce data duplication

Enter information into Sage CRM and fields can automatically update in real time to Sage 50 Accounts. For example add a new customer, edit existing customer information.

Increase data accuracy

Entering information into Sage CRM and replicating this across to Sage 50 Accounts increases overall data accuracy by reducing the need to duplicate data entry with an increased chance of making costly errors. Finding access to key information can aide in the sales cycle and further ensure accuracy of the information disseminated.

Open up real time access to key accounts data through Sage CRM

The integration between Sage CRM and Sage 50 Accounts enables vital customer accounts information to be viewed in real time including customer details, credit limits, available balance, payment terms, accounts status, previously posted invoices, details of the payments made and stock levels from the Sage 50 stock list. This allows sales teams to work around this vital information and accounts to support the sales process without the need to directly pull out the information for sales teams.

Build stronger customer relationships

SIM50 enables you to access real time stock levels and see if an account is on hold. This is particularly useful when selling to your customers and making the sales process smoother. By keeping a close check on stock levels you can ensure your customer expectations are managed and be confident in knowing your customers account is

Maximise your ROI from Sage 50 Accounts

There comes a time when your business growth will lead you to have to step up from Sage 50 Accounts to a better suited product such as Sage 200. However if Sage 50 Accounts is still fulfilling your accounting requirements, keep your business competing by bringing in SIM50 to integrate Sage CRM and Sage 50 Accounts and you will have a small business solution that can help you progress and maximise your ROI until you are ready to take the next step up.

If you would like to find out more about SIM50, contact Ashley Miller on 01268 724005 or email

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